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Turkmenistan, Samsa

It is no doubt that you tried samsa—Turkmen pies—at least once and fell in love with this dish for life. Samsa differs in form depending on the region and traditions but coincides in form and content—this is a delicious dish. It is prepared with a variety of fillings from meat, pumpkin and greenery. Unlike Uzbek and Tajik cuisine, Turkmen use less vegetables due to a dry subtropical climate, so very often fill lack by stuffing by dill, parsley and leek.


Turkmen families are big. It is accepted to regale neighbours and to exchange baked goods, including samsa, which are usually cooked in tandoors. Preliminary women do much preparation for baking. For example, the stuffing for samsa should be decocted for several hours, vegetables and meat should be mixed and put in harmony into the dish, like a real symphony orchestra.


For the recipe you’ll need:

Puff pastry

600 g mixed mince

3 large onions

1 egg

1 Tbsp sesame for decoration

Salt and ground pepper

December 5, 2018

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Dear Rishi, always welcome! It is just one of the great variety of samsa recipes. Soon I am planning new gastronomic journeys ;-)), and I will add the recipe with pumpkin to the recipe box.

Rishi SharmaRishi Sharma

Thank you to share this samsa dish recipe.