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Turkmenistan, Ishpekli

Have you ever heard about Ishpekli—a typical food of nomads—the shepherd’s pie? This is a round or semi-circular flat pellet bread, usually baked on coals left after the fire, previously diluted on a flat spot in the middle of Turkestan desert. The stuffing is a meat, usually the flesh of a mutton leg, which, let me emphasize, necessarily must be chopped with a knife to small pieces. The mince for such a noble cause is not used. Also the favourite stuff of Ishpekli for Turkmen are the greenery and pumpkin. In the middle of the pie, drainage is usually done, so that the dough does not break from the steam during the baking. The lower part of the cake serves as a dish, and the upper part is consumed with the stuffing.

Nowadays, Turkmen housewives are preparing a home adapted dish.



For bread:


760 g flour

245 ml water

2 eggs

15 g soda

1/2 p salt


For filling:

0.5 kg meat

1 paprika

1 tomato

2 onions

3 potatoes

2 cloves garlic


Spices: Black and chili pepper oregano and basil

January 4, 2019

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