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Tajikistan, Kurut.

Because the climate in Tajikistan is a little colder and wetter than in neighbouring countries of the region, the possibility of preserving dairy products for the winter are limited and thus they prepare kurut. These are balls of dried salted milk. They are the basis for sauce, delicacy and snack. They are made of sour milk and cream (susimi) and tossed in cheesecloth. The prepared mass is mixed with salt and pepper and dried in the sun in gauze. By the way, the cows here, too, have adapted to life in the highlands. For me, it was a revelation to see this cow, famously climbing the steep slopes like a mountain goat, seeing a bush of juicy grass, despite the fact she is just as at home spinning ears, and looking around with large, wide-open eyes. Peculiarity and wildlife, call it so.


For kurut, you will need the same ingredients:


500 g susma

1 tsp salt

¼ tsp red hot pepper


In winter, Kurut balls are kneaded and mixed with melted or linseed oil. They are added to salads and served with meat dishes for breakfast. You can find a similar product everywhere in Uzbekistan. These countries share much in the history of their gastronomic traditions. Personally, I vote for pilaf and samsa.

October 31, 2018

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