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Sri Lanka, Golden cave temple in Dambulla – Aluvihara. Part two.

However, the most important event that brought fame to this temple is the recording of an important Buddhist Canon Tripitaka, a set of sacred Buddhist texts in Senegalese.

This set of sacred texts were created here in the V-III century BC. 60 monks did not leave Sri Lanka during the turmoil in the 1st century BC, they chose the temple of Aluvihara as a safe place, and decided to write the sacred texts in Senegalese as they knew them off by heart.

It was a long three years in which they wrote the texts, and at the end they waited for the arrival of a famous monk, named Buddagoshi, who translated them into the language of Buddha, Pali. The cave in which he lived, when he was looking through the Canon, bears his name up to this day.

November 22, 2018

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