Myanmar, Yangon

Another interesting point is in Myanmar there is some serious attitude towards smooth, and not crumpled, banknotes. Currency, which in any other part of the world you will be happy to take, you do not pass and do not exchange, so dollars need to be transported in a virgin flat and dense case. It is a problem if a dent appears on the surface of the banknote.

Most surprisingly, hotels in Yangon are pretty well pre-booked, so don’t leave to chance spontaneous decisions before your flight—book in advance. I caught a taxi that took me to my hotel in the city for about 2 hours because of the rather large traffic jams in the city.

Yangon is called the place where ‘Toyota dies’. All I know is crash tests on the old clunker, this is my hard rock like in many other destinations.

We arrived when it was getting dark. The closer to the equator, the faster the dark appears. The early twilight is the harbinger of early dawn and the adventures ahead…

January 3, 2019

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