Mauritius, Seven Colored Earths or Chamarel.

Seven Colored Earths or Chamarel is located on the south-west part of Mauritius into the Rivere Noire District. The territory, occupied by this nature miracle is very small and is thoroughly preserved by its current owner. Also Chamarel is fenced to protect it from initiative climbers, dedicated fans and adherent of extreme jogging. At the entrance to the sight are growing coffee and palm trees serving as an ingredient of wonderful millionaires’ salad. The second name is the heart of a palm tree. In the course are used only plants of 5-7 years old, the older ones are not usable for these purposes and lose taste qualities. Right near by Chamarel it was a first time when I saw how the red berries of the famous Mauritius coffee ripening on branches. Coffee Mocha  is mixed with natural vanilla before packaging which gives it incredible aroma and flavor texture.


*** Photo provided by our respected partner – Luxe Voyage.

November 24, 2018

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