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Sri Lanka, Cocoa

Cocoa. For half a liter of milk take two tablespoons of cocoa. Add sugar to taste. For such a case, […]

543 November 22, 2018
Azerbaijan, Rodizio Steak & More

A brief preview for our readers, who are expecting the feedback about Rodizio Steak & More  – Steak master class on […]

500 November 18, 2018
Azerbaijani Breakfast: Chapter Two

Azerbaijani Breakfast: Chapter Two. Yes, it’s possible to write a 4-volume book about the breakfasts here. The second and one […]

533 November 15, 2018
Azerbaijan – Azerbaijani Breakfast. Chapter Three. Video

Video: Azerbaijani Breakfast. Chapter Three. Azerbaijanis love to eat a lot of greens. Even not so – a myriad of […]

540 November 10, 2018
Azerbaijan – Azerbaijani Breakfast. Chapter Three.

  Azerbaijani Breakfast. Chapter Three. The family breakfast. Maybe it’s a little Turkish, but due to the proximity of cultures […]

867 November 10, 2018
UAE, Dubai Mall’s Joe’s Crab Shack

As promised – a bowl of seafood at the famous seafood restaurant, Dubai Mall’s Joe’s Crab Shack. I’ve been there […]

650 November 7, 2018
Sri Lanka, Sorbet

Sorbet the Sri Lankan way. There is nothing better in hot tropical weather than mango and passion fruit sorbet the […]

523 November 6, 2018
Georgia, Ajarian khachapuri

Georgia, Adjarian khachapuri, it may be is the most tasty and unusual dish. As for me, I tried the best […]

618 October 31, 2018
Mexico, Cancun, Guacamole Sauce

Guacamole ( Āhuacamōlli )  is a famous Mexican sauce. To prepare it you need: Ripe avocado, one chili pepper Tomato, […]

3249 October 30, 2018
Mauritius, Mazavaroo

Mazavaroo—a unique Mauritian dish—is very popular among local people, who since childhood are used to eating spicy food. If pepper […]

630 October 30, 2018
Azerbaijan, Dushbara soup

Dushbara is an Azerbaijani soup with meat dumplings. In general, all kinds of dumplings are popular, from the ravioli in […]

1444 October 26, 2018
Azerbaijan, Qutabs

Azerbaijani qutabs are not a dish—they are a philosophy. These semi-circular stuffed cakes are cooked on a special convex wood-fired […]

664 October 25, 2018