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Sri Lanka, climbing Pidurangala, closer to the top

The rise is divided into several sites. When climbing, at the base of the mountain there are ruins of the […]

637 November 5, 2018
Sri Lanka, climbing Pidurangala, beginning

Many of you may have heard about Sigiriya, otherwise known as Lion Rock, but a lesser known and similarly remarkable […]

598 November 5, 2018
Mauritius, Models of the ancient ships

Do you want your own ship? You can afford this family treasure. In Mauritius the production of models of the […]

594 November 4, 2018
Azerbaijan, Goycay, Pomegranate Festival

For our readers, who are expecting the feedback about Pomegranate Festival on 3-4 NOV 2018 in Goycay, Azerbaijan, we are […]

573 November 3, 2018
Madagascar, how to get there

How to get to Madagascar you ask? Paris is a favorite transit point for flights to Madagascar and the Mascarene […]

639 November 2, 2018
Finland, Huskies

During your stay in this winter wonderland you won’t be lost for activities to keep you busy. Here you can […]

772 October 31, 2018
Mauritius, Lizards

Speaking of lizards, there are myriads of small, lustrous and emerald-coloured lizards in Mauritius, and they are extremely loud, especially […]

578 October 31, 2018
Mauritius, Turtles

If you dream of feeding 100-year-old turtles, contemplating emerald lizards and examining a collection of butterflies at the Museum of […]

532 October 29, 2018
Réunion, Whales

From June to September humpback whales, blue whales, fin whales, and killer whales come close to the shore to perform […]

625 October 27, 2018
Turkmenistan, Derweze natural beauty.

Who knows. It is the official version of what actually happened—the history remains in silence, whether someone smoked cigars enjoying […]

611 October 23, 2018
Mauritius, Lions

If I were a lion, I would live only in Mauritius, daily inhaling its sea air. Ecdemic, imported by the […]

1010 October 23, 2018