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Azerbaijan, region Marazy-Shamahi, trekking

Brief announcement for our respected readers: today we had a trekking to  Marazy-Shamahi region, Azerbaijan. We visited multiple historic sites: […]

541 November 25, 2018
Mauritius, Eureka House

The colonial Eureka House (Maison Eureka) is located on the island of Eureka.   As I understand it, aristocrat Eugène […]

655 November 22, 2018
Mauritius, Crabs

I have hyperactive friends. 😉 They have small eyes on thin eye stems, providing strong vision, strong jaws and fast […]

478 November 20, 2018
Azerbaijan, Goycay Pomegranate Festival, Video

Video. And finally, the long awaited video report about the Pomegranate Festival in Goycay, Azerbaijan. ***Photos taken with a SONY […]

1419 November 18, 2018
Sri Lanka, Cocoa

And you, have you ever seen real cocoa rising? One third of the world’s crop is harvested in Cote d’Ivoire, […]

508 November 18, 2018
Sri Lanka, Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari is the most popular attractions in Sri Lanka. It is profitable for the locals and fascinating to visitors. […]

489 November 15, 2018
Madagascar, Lemurs

My favorite rat lemur lives in the southern part of the island. There are about 50 of these little, big-eyed […]

583 November 14, 2018
United Arab Emirates, Dubai – Dubai Frame, on the top

The Dubai Frame. When covering the surface of The Dubai Frame, gilding was used. I must say that the floor […]

610 November 9, 2018
United Arab Emirates, Dubai – Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame. This is a new and certainly remarkable landmark of Dubai. It is situated in Zabeel Park and […]

719 November 9, 2018
Sri Lanka, Rainbow tree. Video

Video. Tour to Rainbow tree. ***Personal thanks to Exotic Holidays International

580 November 7, 2018
United Arab Emirates, Dubai – Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium is definitely one of the important attractions in the city. It is located in a popular tourist destination, […]

520 November 7, 2018
Sri Lanka, climbing Pidurangala, on the top

When climbing, ensure you take extra water and strong guides, who you can give your tripod to, if you’re on […]

588 November 5, 2018