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Big Travel “RUBY GIRL”

From the creative and imaginative mind of Alina Kapshyk comes an exciting new adventure; a treasure hunt detective novel filled with humor, pursuits and secrets of the past.


Veronica, the manager of large company, signs a contract which sends her to the lost world of Myanmar to develop the business. On the first day, she is confronted with a network of smugglers in search of channels for the illegal export of gemstones. She finds herself in the midst of a subtle game between several intelligence agencies, international antiques dealers, and criminals themselves.


Veronica is trying to find out the truth behind a death that resulted from a fire at a hotel in Yangon involving an Austrian entrepreneur, Elizabeth Hoffmann, and at the same time she learns about the mysterious loss of a business woman named Ingrid Weber who also worked in Yangon. All the strings lead to her new friends and limitless adventure while in search of the truth. The need to financially support her family is the driving force behind her stay in Myanmar, even when the situation reaches boiling point.


Her sense of humor and innate optimism guides her through though situations, and she learns that even criminals can have good qualities. A story filled with beautiful heroes, emotion, and heroic deeds all set to the backdrop of Myanmar’s wonder – this book has everything for the sophisticated reader who wants to travel without leaving the comfort of their home. Will Veronica’s intuition and her new found feelings bring the criminals at work to light? Who can she trust? All this in the pages of a mind-blowing adventure detective novel, the first in a series of Big Travel adventures of – “Ruby Girl”.

October 31, 2018

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I personally like a few heroes, and not necessarily this is the main character. For example, I am delighted with Takeshi. He has a holistic character and his own principles. And my readers will definitely meet him on the pages of the following books of the series. After all, the book is not only about one country. Events take place simultaneously in different countries, and they are all interconnected.

Warren DuncanWarren Duncan

This is a fantastic first novel from Alina Kapshyk. Engaging from the first page until the last. A wonderful look at Myanmar and it’s rich history, set to a unique take on a detective adventure novel. Wonderful charaters and just the right mix of humour.

I highly recommend it!