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Azerbaijani Breakfast: Chapter Two

Azerbaijani Breakfast: Chapter Two.

Yes, it’s possible to write a 4-volume book about the breakfasts here.

The second and one of the most favourite breakfast consists of fresh crispy flatbread, soft cheese Shor, a hard variety of cheese (Caucasian cheese from a mixture of sheep and goat’s milk) – ‘pendir’, honey and boiled eggs, and strong tea, nowhere without it. I, who am a faithful consumer of morning coffee, did not understand how one could drink black tea for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and after and instead of food.

The lovely and pleasant people surrounding me in unison assured me that doing so I won’t live long: coffee will kill my primordial beauty and youth and leave orphans of a cat and two Samoyeds. I could not give up coffee, but I learned to drink real Azerbaijani tea. It is built on a pedestal, and we will allocate a special place in the chronicle of our gastronomic adventures.

October 25, 2018

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