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Azerbaijan, jam

If you thought you knew everything about jam, forget it. Having visited Azerbaijan, I realized that if I had to spend 1,001 nights writing about jam recipes, I think we would easily collect about 2,000 of them. The ingredients should retain their shape and heterogeneous composition. Local name Mürəbbə, cooking your recipes, meal decided to finish with tea and slow the absorption of jam from small outlets. My Gods (save us) – this is the same death for figures! Have you ever tried eggplant, feijoa or watermelon jam? I bet the nutty delight hasn’t crossed many minds, either. But my favourite is yellow cherry jam. I do not even undertake to cook it—otherwise there will be nothing to roll up by the end of cooking.




1 kg white cherry

1 kg sugar

1 lemon

500 g hazelnut

1 pod vanilla


And the main thing— protect the cook from the attacks of relatives until completely finished.

November 24, 2018

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