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Azerbaijan – Azerbaijani Breakfast. Chapter Three. Video

Video: Azerbaijani Breakfast. Chapter Three.

Azerbaijanis love to eat a lot of greens. Even not so – a myriad of them and in most dishes. As you know, greens are a strong antioxidant in the fight against free radicals that accumulate with age. Maybe that’s why in Ciscaucasia there are many centenarians and people keep a good figure until adulthood. So, with this type of breakfast comes tarragon, cilantro, dill and my favourite red basil.

Honey from Azerbaijan is exported to the Gulf. It impresses with its freshness, transparency and good quality of organic product. It would seem that all of the products are simple, but the freshness and serving make this breakfast very popular. I forgot to mention that this breakfast is served with sliced tomatoes and cucumbers.

Ah and there is armudu aromatic tea for free, as a sign of hospitality and cordiality. Nowhere without it. . . .

Arabica and Robusta lovers—don’t give up! I’m with you. 😉

April 4, 2019

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