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Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani Breakfast: Chapter One.

Azerbaijani Breakfast: Chapter One.

Pomidor Chighirtmasi (omelette with tomatoes). The dish is simple, not intricate, but very tasty. The idea is similar to Ukrainian fried eggs with apples (or potatoes in Belarus), or an omelette with feta in Greece. In all of these dishes, there is the basic idea: in the morning, when the brain has woken, but the body is still sleeping, and you do not find the strength to collect children to school, but just need to open your eyes from the fragrant smell and rush into the cycle of daily routine. In Azerbaijan, the tomatoes are just amazing.


So, for preparations you will need:


2 eggs

250 g tomatoes

50 g butter

Salt and pepper to taste


Serve with pita bread and herbs (cilantro, dill and tarragon).


You need to scald and remove the crust from the tomatoes. Crust is evil! Then chop, fry and add spices to bake with beaten eggs. And an armudu (special Azerbaijani glass) of tea—although I vote for coffee!

December 11, 2018

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